Commercial Contracting


We can assist you with the design of your restaurant through our affiliates or you can bring your finished plans to us for a competitive bid.

We have the experience you need to get your project completed on time and under budget.  

We are very familiar with local building codes and county health codes and can prevent foreseeable delays and costs. 



We understand how critical time is when deciding to expand, remodel or even start a new business. Our services are tailored for all of your needs.

Whether it's a simple remodel, a major renovation or new construction, you want to work with us. We will finish your project on time, within budget, and with superior craftsmanship.


We understand that time is money. We also understand that the quicker we can get you into your retail space, the less you spend on rent and the quicker you can start generating revenue.

Detailed computerized schedules are put together at the inception of the project to keep our crews on pace to get you into your space as soon as possible.


From dental offices, to doctor offices, we specialize in interior build outs that can give your expanding office more room or a fresh, new look.

We pay close attention to detail and want every project to be perfect. We take on each project with pride and a sense of responsibility to do the best job possible.

We work closely with each client until the project is complete. This ensures that each office is beautiful, functional and customized to our client’s every need.

Construction Services

Design Build contractor
Design - Build
Under design/build, the Owner enters into a contract with AZ Commercial Builders, who then employees the architect as a consultant. This team approach provides design and building capabilities from a single source from the project’s inception.
AZ Commercial Builders
Design - Assist
In design/assist, the Owner hires both AZ Commercial Builders and the architect under separate contracts. Similar to the design/build approach, AZCB is brought on board early in the design phase to assist in constructability reviews, value engineering, and budgeting, to ensure the project meets all the needs of the Owner without sacrificing budget or schedule.
AZ Commercial Contractors
Preconstruction & Construction Services
Preconstruction services include: constructability reviews, construction cost budgeting and estimating, value engineering, subcontractor prequalification, and bidding of subcontractor trades.
Construction services include: project administration, cost control/changes in scope, subcontractor management, scheduling, and safety. AZ Commercial Builders is committed to proactively participating in the pre-construction phase and the managing of the construction phase with all necessary resources to ensure that the project is completed on time, at budget, and to a degree of quality exceeding expectations.
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Computerized Scheduling
We believe that a strong start to a successful construction project begins with a well thought out and detailed construction schedule with input from all parties involved.
We put together a critical path schedule before each project begins to help eliminate foreseeable construction delays. This helps to ensure that long lead items are ordered at the beginning of each project and defines schedules so that all parties involved will know when they are required to perform their services on our project. Click HERE for a sample schedule from one of our restaurant projects.
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Detailed Proposals
Proposals are well-formulated, detailed illustrations of construction cost of a specific building project.  Proposals are prepared by breaking down the items of work using a standard format and determining the cost of each item.
A knowledge of building technology is essential to be able to break down a building into components in a structured way and then price the different components with applicable unit rates to derive the total cost.
With our years of experience, we provide detailed line item proposals with our bids so our customers know exactly what's included and what's not included. Knowing what's excluded can be more important than what's included.
There are assumptions on what's included based on general building practices but there are no assumptions on what is excluded. Having this spelled out can eliminated shady practices from contractors. Always find out what is included and more importantly, what's excluded. Click HERE for a sample proposal from AZ Commercial Builders.

Management & Experience

Restaurant Contractor Scottsdale
Best contractor
Selecting the best contractor for your project can be a difficult decision. Best is not always the lowest priced contractor. To find the best contractor for you project you should find one brings the greatest value to your project. Value can be determined by fair market costs, professionalism, timeliness and experience. We feel we are amongst the best.

Your project requires a commercial remodeling contractor who specializes in commercial tenant improvements. Whether it's a simple remodel, a major renovation, or new construction, you want to work with a company that will finish your project on time, within budget, and with superior craftsmanship.
Our team will take control of your project from start to finish, providing turn-key service and complete peace of mind. We act as a liaison between the landlord and the tenant to ensure smooth construction and transition schedules, and to make sure that the final product meets with the satisfaction of all parties. We facilitate a smooth construction process so that your project gets completed on schedule and within budget.

Customer Experience
Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We understand that your project is a large investment and focus on making sure that our clients understand the process from the beginning of the project all the way through completion. We send constant updates which include inspection results and photos and clear and invoice with concise billing based on percentage of completion.
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